Example of Acne Scaring Reduce and remove scarring from Acne

What is rosecea?

Rosecea is a medical condition that affects up to 16 million people. It is associated with skin redness, red pimples and skin thickening. It is not a curable condition but some of the symptoms can be treated with laser therapy.

One of the symptoms of rosecea is broken red blood vessels on the face and neck. It causes the redness that is associated with rosecea. Lasers are able to eliminate these unnecessary blood vessels. The body then absorbs what is left of the vessel thus reducing the redness.

How can lasers help?

There are two different laser treatments than can do this. An intense pulse light or (IPL) can collapse the vessels and the body reabsorbs them or each vessel can be treated individually. An IPL is better to treat a larger surface area.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments vary depending on the individual. Results can be seen is one treatment but maintenance treatments may also be needed.

Treatments range from $50 to $150 (4-6 treatments are typically recommended)

Acne can leave severe red scarring. Reduce red acne scars with laser treatments from the Comestic Laser Center of WNY